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FS Or FT: Soundgear Pro, TWO Sets


Description These are in the ear electronic hearing protection/ sound amplification units. They retail for $399.00 per unit. I would like to sell them for $150.00 per unit OBO. One set was worn for about eight hours total, the other was opened but not used. Each set will come with enough batteries to last a long while. Trades I am interested in: Surefire 60 magazines MagPul 40 magazines HSGI Bleeder Pouch in Ranger Green Mil Spec reciever extension Buffer spring and H3 buffer 1x4 scope with rail mount I am open to other trades. As always cash is king. No PayPal.
Product FS Or FT: Soundgear Pro, TWO Sets
Weight(oz) 1
Category Miscellaneous
FFL Required No
Make Soundgear Pro
Model PRO
Item Condition Excellent
Listing Price($) 150
Shipping Price($) 10


My Comment Comment by Christopher
Interested in trading both sets for a Brand-new BOKER ORCO bowie survival knife plus a little cash? Check out bokers web site these things are awesome. I don't really need both of mine so maybe a trade would be good for both of us (Posted on 12/7/14)
My Comment Comment by Jason
are you looking for the 5.56 40rd mag pull magazine? (Posted on 5/27/14)
My Comment Comment by Richard
Don't laugh too much. What you call "per unit", are you calling a unit a set, or is that each earpiece? (Posted on 3/19/14)


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