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the revolvr story

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How it works


Revolvr solves the much needed problem of person to person transactions in the firearms community. A new Revolvr user can download the application from the Google Play Store and sign up for the service and begin posting their new or used parts & accessories in the mobile application. Revolvr is integrated with the latest social tools like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to share items easily with user’s social networks.


Search thousands of items. Simply open the app and begin browsing the inventory. You can also filter your result further to find exactly what you need.


To sell an item, simply snap a photo of your item with your phone and post the details. Within minutes, you will have your first item up for sale. List your item for free. There is a small transaction fee on each sale to cover credit card fee and Revolvr service expenses.

Safe and Secure

Revolvr uses a 2A friendly payment service called PistolPay to handle all transactions. This service holds your funds in escrow till both parties are satisfied with the transaction. PistolPay is partially owned by the founders of Revolvr.


Build a community in Revolvr. Follow others who have great stuff to sell and get notified every time they post a new item. You can also send comments to users based on their product and rate other users after a transaction.

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